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     Big Hat Promotions

Preserving and Promoting The Western Way Of Life

Our Mission Statement: 

In order to sustain the growing number of fans that enjoy Western music and Cowboy poetry, we promote and present only the very best talent to new audiences through intimate, invitation only house concerts. 

The Latest

Our 2013 House Concert Series with a superb collection of performers was an outstanding success with all 3 concerts selling out. No concert events are planned for 2014. We appreciate all of you who supported our performers the past few years. We hope you had as much fun as we did.

Bob and Marie


About Big Hat Promotions

Founded in 2007, Big Hat Promotions grew out of our desire to contribute in our own small way to the preservation and promotion of Cowboy poetry and music. Big Hat Promotions is not operated as a business. It is simply the name we chose to identify ourselves and our website.

Today, the culture of the West is very much alive and rich with artists, writers, songwriters, singers and poets. In the past few years, we have been fortunate enough to have met some of the most talented singers, songwriters and poets that Cowboy poetry and music has to offer. Through Big Hat Promotions, we have found a way to help promote this genre by sharing the top talent with friends and others who may be new to the music and poetry of the West.

To this end, each summer we host "invitation only" gatherings with singer/songwriters and poets in our private home. We also help promote similar events at the homes of our friends. We do not do this as a business. Because of our passion for the music and poetry, we do this as a hobby. We invite friends and guests to join us for food, fun and great live acoustic music and Cowboy poetry. Voluntary contributions are requested at each party for the benefit of our performing artists.

Please visit this web site throughout the year for updates on our gatherings as well as other related events throughout Southern California. We know that there are many of you also promoting Cowboy music and poetry and we applaud your efforts and hope that you will appreciate our small contribution to keeping The West alive.

Thanks for visiting!

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Bob and Marie Mann      

Contact us at: big.hat@sbcglobal.net

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