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Cowboy Music & Poetry House Concerts


Founded in 2007, Big Hat Promotions grew out of our desire to contribute in a small way to the preservation and promotion of Cowboy poetry and music. For six summers we hosted dozens of backyard house concerts at our home in Altadena, CA as well as other private venues in southern California. Our award-winning performers included the likes of Dave Stamey, Juni Fisher, Belinda Gail, R.W. Hampton, Dave Bourne, Gary Allegretto & Ian Espinoza, Gary Robertson, Ray Doyle, New West and many other fine Western performers.

Today, the culture of the West remains alive and rich with artists, writers, songwriters, singers and poets. They are all storytellers in their own right.  We have been fortunate enough to have met and enjoyed some talented singers, songwriters and poets in the past few years. Through Big Hat Promotions, we have found a way to help promote this genre through sharing it with others new to the music and poetry of the West. Although we no longer have a regular schedule of summer performances, we hope to continue hosting gatherings on an occasional basis in our home or the homes of others. We invite to visit our web site throughout the year for updates on our shows as well as other related events throughout Southern California. We know that there are many of you also promoting Cowboy music and poetry and we applaud your efforts and hope that you appreciate our small contribution to keeping The West alive.

Best Regards and Happy Trails,
Bob and Marie Mann